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Somoza Executive Tours

Featured Project - Somoza Tours

Somoza Tours located in South Africa approached us to design, develop and host a website that would make it easy for potential clients to learn more about them and their services. They wanted to make sure that the site was very simple and easy for visitors to find information.

Smart Site Designs created a design that provided a clear and easy navigation structure to the site that helps the users find their way around quickly. On the home page we highlighted a feature section, in addition to 3 other main important areas, that introduces the company and what they are offering. To make it simple for visitors to contact Somoza we included the contact information at the footer of all pages throughout the website. We also added an online form that users can fill out to request service and sign up for their loyalty program. If they felt more comfortable faxing a booking request - we provided an option to print a form to fill and fax.

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